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I already talked to an agent about going to another apartment with my kids and I think it is a nic decision to move out of this town. I saw a nice house in the city, a few minutes from there is the convenience store. There is also a church were me and my kids can attend mass.

I think I should let me kids join the choir in the new community because I want them to develop new friends. As for me, I will move my business in the town. I am planning to renr a small space where I can curate my design studio and my party needs company.

I need to have wlan access point test too for my business so it will not be too much of a hassle for me. I am excited for the new chapter of our lives as a family and for my business too. Also, I want to travel. To explore many things. And to just spend time at home. I believe ome can still work even at home.

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