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Interesting Facts about the History of Birthdays

Interesting Facts about the History of Birthdays

Traditionally we all celebrate birthdays. But have you ever wonder, where do this tradition come from? We have birthday images since we were small kids, but if we had been born a thousand years ago, the story would’ve been different. Let’s learn some interesting facts about the history of birthdays.


The Origin of the Party

Birthday’s parties at first were held to send away bad spirits. It was a common belief that during people’s anniversary, bad spirits were prone to harm the person. The first birthday images were only for important people, like kings. Regular people didn’t have any celebration. Eventually, it all changed, and now everyone has a birthday party.

The Origin of the Cake

There are two versions around the root of the cake. The first one says that it was a representation of the moon. The Greeks baked it to cherish Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The candle was put on top as a resemblance of the moon’s light. At which point this tradition turned into the birthday cake appearing in all birthday images is unclear.

The second version comes from Germany. They prepared a cake with candles on top to represent the light of life. It was a big candle at the center, and its purpose was clear. It should send away any bad spirit from the birthday images. Then, as the fire extinguished, the smoke that flew upwards had the ability to take wishes to heaven.

We prefer the second version, which gives a better explanation of our current traditions.


The Origin of the Balloons

Balloons are now attached to birthday images. Their origin is unclear. The first records of balloon-like artifacts come from the Aztecs. They prepared the bowels of sacrificed animals and filled them with water to create shapes. Their use was a mere ritual.

In Europe, street troubadours are recognized to have used a sort of balloon to entertain. Again it was built with parts of recently butchered animals. From there, they evolved to balloons as we know them today.



The Largest Birthday Party Ever

If you are thinking of throwing the biggest birthday party ever, you have a big challenge to beat. In 1970, Colonel Harlan Sanders had the same thought, and he set a high standard. He had 35 thousand invitees for his birthday number 89. Go higher than that and get plenty of birthday images to prove you beat Sanders.

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