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How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome


Google announced the existence of Google Chrome on September 1, 2008. The announcement was made by publishing a comic book made by Scott McCloud. Google says that Chrome is faster, more stable and more secure than its competitors.
Google Chrome is rumored to take the feature tabs like other browsers. Tabs were located at the top of the window, not in the window. Each tab has its own memory and process. To set tabs and processes, Chrome will have a Task Manager, the same as the operating system.


In outline the features owned by Google chrome is not much different from the features that are owned by the Mozilla Firefox, like the private browsing feature in Mozilla Firefox which works the same as incognito mode features in Google Chrome. Currently, Google Chrome is a step further than Mozilla Firefox with the existence of Google Chrome OS

You can speed up browsing in Google chrome when visiting sites with a large graphical content by enabling Hardware Acceleration.

By enabling Hardware Acceleration will be useful when you open multiple tabs or visit the site with lots of graphical elements are heavy, big media, so that your hardware such as graphics card and processor will be maximized to open sites that have heavy graphics smoothly.

To enable Hardware Acceleration in the Google Chrome open a new tab and then type the following command: about:flags

Then look for the following points:

* GPU Accelerated compositing

* GPU Accelerated 2D Canvas

* Web Page Prerendering

For the default setting, the points will be at the disabled, to enable it click on the link Enable

After the above steps completed, then restart your browser’s chrome and feel the difference when you open a web site with great net cms that heavy because it has a large graphical content.

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