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California Locksmith License Requirements

The California Contractors State License Board has a licensing classification (C-28) called “Lock and Security Equipment.” This means that locksmiths and other security-equipment experts need to get a license to do independent work as a contractor in California. The board mandates a certain amount of actual work experience before issuance …

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Door of opportunities

    n our lives, we have received more than one of everything that has stepped into our doorsteps and knocked on to our doors (and maybe, also into our hearts and minds). True friends may be counted but the laughs, cries and memories we have shared with them are …

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A Home for Women


  Thousands of lives are lost each year against the battle for breast cancer. But the country is not one to back out from the fight. The country has the highest incidence of breast cancer, with three out of 100 developing this type of cancer in their lifetime according to …

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With my kids

  I already talked to an agent about going to another apartment with my kids and I think it is a nic decision to move out of this town. I saw a nice house in the city, a few minutes from there is the convenience store. There is also a …

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What Are Storage Spaces

i am amazed by self storage spaces. For your information, these are spaces catered to individuals and business that needs spaces for their important things. It has safe and secured units and has a world-class security systems which makes your things safe and secured. Their customer service is also one …

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Why I Love Downing Street

  Say “Hello” to Prime Minister David Cameron (now Prime Minister Theresa May). 10 Downing Street in London has one of the most photographed front doors in Britain. The famous black door, made with a bomb-proof metal and coated with a high-gloss paint is said to only open from the …

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Chill at home

Have you ever planned a date night with your partner, only to hear the loud thumping sound of the rain showering your roof just an hour before you’re set to leave? Such a mood wrecker, isn’t it? Fret not as we listed some of the best indoor date ideas you …

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Spotless beautyl

  At the end of the day, it’s all about the vitamin C– as experienced in this killer Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is also called sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and it is one of these amazing magical ingredients that can do all sorts of amazing things for the body in …

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A Family Travel


There is more than one path that leads to the end of a journey. But when you’re travelling with your family, you end up almost anywhere but your destination, among other surprises. For the first time in years, we had the chance to travel as a family during the Christmas …

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