Our philosophy when designing MIST8 was simple – One product should be able to handle all household cleaning tasks. From appliances to floors to windows to wood to stainless steel, it doesn’t make sense to buy a million different products and have to go digging under a sink for a specific bottle for every different task.During the product development phase, with every test formulation we made, we tested it on what we deemed to be the 8 most difficult, annoying and grueling things to clean:

  •  Toilets
  •  Sinks
  •  Bathtubs (including walls)
  •  Countertops (granite, porcelain, laminate, stone, you name it)
  •  Stovetops (and other kitchen appliances)
  •  Floors (wood, laminate, tile, whatever)
  •  Cabinets
  •  Windows, mirrors and other glass

We also wanted to be sure that we were doing things in an ethical, healthy way. So, we opted to usenon-toxic ingredients. Our naturally-derived formula is safe for contact with skin (not to mention all the surfaces in your home.

Our product is also 100% biodegradable, which means it doesn’t harm the environment. Our animal friends will thank you for using this, since it doesn’t pollute the lakes and rivers or harm them in any way.

We use fragrance oils to make our product smell clean and fresh like nothing your nose has ever experienced from a cleaning product. You’ll feel like you’re in a forest near a sparkling waterfall.

And if all this wasn’t enough, Mist8 All Purpose Spray is extremely affordable:

Size Cost
12.0 oz. 1.29$ MSRP
28.0 oz. 2.99$ MSRP
64.0 oz. 4.99$ MSRP
Purified water Purified naturally.
Lauryl polyglucose Plant-derived cleaning agent. Not toxic on skin or if ingested.
Sodium carbonate Similar to baking soda. Source of minerals. Not toxic on skin or if ingested.
Potassium hydroxide Alkalinity booster. Safe for environment and not toxic in product use.
Sodium gluconate Water softener. Made from corn sugars. Not toxic on skin or if ingested.
Decyl polyglucoside Plant-derived cleaning agent. Made from corn sugars and coconut oil. Not toxic on skin or if ingested.
Alcohol ethoxylate Emulsifies fragrance. Can cause mild skin irritation but not toxic in product use. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
Fragrance oils Does not contain environmentally dangerous ingredients such as phthalates. Mostly natural essential oils. Not toxic on skin.
Color Free of heavy metals and allergens. Effective at extremely low levels. Not toxic on skin.
Methylisothiazolinone Preservative. Effective at extremely low levels. Safe for environment and not toxic in product use.
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