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360fly 4K Video Camera: The World’s Smartest 360º 4K Camera

Built to reflect modern lifestyle and technology

This camera has been termed as “The last action camera you’ll ever need” and fittingly so. The 360fly 4K camera has been purposely built to fit the active and busy lifestyle of today. The manufacturers of this camera also took into consideration the hugely technology-driven world of today. For example, after recording a video, you don’t have to wait to get home, edit and share. With the 360fly 4K, you can shoot a video, edit and share in within 90 seconds. In keeping with technology, this camera has a free 360fly mobile and desktop app that makes it stand out among its competitors, making it the world’s most advanced and user-friendly 360° video ecosystem.

Amazing 360 fly mobile app

This mobile app is available on Android and iOS phones, as well as Mac and Windows laptops. With their spontaneous camera controls and qualities, these apps enable you use your smartphone, laptop and home computer to capture, edit, add effects to and share 360° video, standard POV video and 360° stills with family, friends and fans around the world. It can be used by everyone who needs a camera, from tourists who want to show their friends what is happening at their present locations in real time, to journalists who are covering breaking stories anywhere in the globe, conservationists in the wild trying to capture wonderful moments in the animal kingdom, and skydivers who capture breathtaking videos of the landscape. With the 360fly 4K, you are not going to miss any moment, and your friends will feel like they are participating.

Videos at all angles (360º)

The 360fly 4K comes equipped with a fully immersive 360º video, standard First-person POV video, VR-compatible footage and 360º stills. It therefore enables you to live your active lifestyle, with the assurance that all the moments will be captured and shared like never before. This 360º camera allows you to capture scenes in all directions, leaving nothing out. It is also innovative and spellbinding that the 360fly 4K is dustproof, shockproof and water resistant. Therefore, those who are planning to explore the desert flora and fauna should not be worried that dust will render the camera useless. Also, journalists should not be worried about missing out on happenings under the rain, because with the 360fly 4K you should be more afraid of catching a cold than it getting spoiled. The 360fly 4K is therefore the most innovative and all-encompassing all 360 camera  available today.

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